At Les Associes we have several years of experience in the restaurant business and we are always happy to serve you our beautiful menu. We have established our restaurant to provide comfort and a beautiful atmosphere for our customers while they eat our range of delicious meals.

If you’re thinking of having a romantic dinner or just a business lunch, you would find our restaurant most suitable for your needs. We have a beautiful menu to guide you when you visit our restaurant.

offer you unmatched luxury and quality services at our restaurant. If you need your privacy, you can reserve any of our private dining areas which are very secluded to give you the seclusion you need. We have an impressive wine cellar that holds a very collection of the world’s finest wines. We also have in our fine restaurant the best chefs that have specially crafted our delicious menu for your delight and pleasure.

Whether you are craving a deliciously cooked soup or our tempting barbecue recipes, or you simply want a delightful vegan meal, we have just about anything you can think of. We offer our customers very tasty and nutritious meals from the appetizer, the entrée, and dessert.

Our mission is to be the finest dining restaurant in the country. We will always make it a top priority to offer our customers quality and very well crafted meals from local to intercontinental dishes to meet with their needs. Our staff is both vast in English and French language. We will continue to offer the best customer service to all our visitors. We will continue to set our standards and offer our customers our unique dishes that cannot be found anywhere in the country. We welcome you to come and experience taste at its best in Les Associes.